Voice & Influence

At the Trust we are big believers in giving young people an opportunity to influence their futures by making their own decisions and inspiring others in the process. It’s important that their voices are listened to, their opinions are valued and as a result they contribute to being a positive and influential members of society.

By encouraging young people to have a voice and make a difference, we are demonstrating our commitment to them and acknowledging that they have the right to shape their own futures.

What we do

Our staff engage with a high number of young people each week. By listening to their views, needs and preferences we build trusting relationships and can look to offer a range of provisions to enable positive change.

We deliver regular voice and influence workshops across all our provisions, and use the power of experience to inspire young people to get involved and develop their ideas.


  • Youth Forum: Our Millers Youth Forum is a constituted group comprising of young people aged 15 – 18 from across our community projects. Our staff support this youth led cohort who meet on a regular basis for open discussions and debates regarding topics relating to young people and their communities. Working together, the group plan and deliver projects they are passionate about to make a real difference to themselves and others. In addition to these projects we aim to boost their development by working with local organisations to deliver educating workshops such as hate crime, gaming and gambling and plan educational trips to places such as thE Houses of Parliament.
  • Podcasts: Our Millers Matters Podcasts allow us as a community organisation to meet local people and discuss important topics and awareness events. We aim to create a more cohesive community whilst allowing people to access free advice, information on community issues, personal development and lived experience of local people and organisations. In the past we have produced podcasts on Mental Health, LGBTQ+, Refugee Week, Water & Fire Safety and Health & Wellbeing. To watch and listen to these podcasts head over to (podcast video link).

If you would like to find out more information, please contact us below

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