Community, Cohesion & Celebration

Building a cohesive community has many benefits for the people within it. At Rotherham United Community Trust our staff work innovatively to bring people together to promote solidarity in an accepting and celebratory environment.

We encourage social mixing within different groups to educate and raise awareness of differences and inclusivity. The overall aim is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

What we do

We foster an open minded approach to our projects and activities, looking to understand other’s perspectives and broaden our own. National awareness events and campaigns are a great way to celebrate diversity, create discussions and prompting new projects.

These include; Rainbow laces, Black History Month, and South Asian Heritage Month to name but a few. Using the power of individual and group voice we tailor our delivery to meet the needs of a variety of groups.


  • United for Communities Football (U4C): We invite local refugees and asylum seekers housed in and around the Rotherham Area to get involved in competitive football fixtures. The overall aim is to create a sense of belonging within our Rotherham Community for the participants.

    Our staff plan and facilitate competitive fixtures against similar teams in South Yorkshire within the Fair Play League. Current players are from a variety of countries including Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, El Salvador, Namibia, Kenya and Cameroon. Training takes place at Parkgate Astro with home matches being played on Canklow Fields. The team is open to anyone aged 18+ and full kit is provided.
  • Community Support. Hate Crime, LGBTQ+, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: As a Trust we support our community by taking into consideration the current climate needs. Our team continuously network with other groups and keep up to date with issues in and around Rotherham. We look to tailor our sessions to combat these issues in specific areas. Working with a range of ages and backgrounds, we especially engage underrepresented, diverse and disadvantaged groups to educate, lead activities and provide support where needed.

    Through a variety of funded projects, we support local communities through multiple support networks such as physical activity, educational workshops, mental health support or personal development opportunities.

If you would like to find out more information, please contact us below

01709 827767