We catch up with Joe about his experience working for NCS this summer.

Joe applied to work for NCS this summer after loving his experience as a participant in the past. Currently studying at Sheffield Hallam University, this was a great way to make the most of his summer, gain some great experience and earn some money.

“I loved my summer with NCS, it was an easy decision to come work for the people that made that happen”

After my experience last time I knew I would enjoy working with NCS. Every day brings something new and you never stop learning or developing. A perfect mixture of delegation and fun.

“The first week of NCS is full of so much energy.”

So far I’ve been a part of the first wave this summer in Cumbria. The first week is full of so much energy as we setup group activities, canoeing, first aid, and adventure walks. Everyone gets it out their system on the first few exciting days and we make sure to find time to reflect on each activity.

I’ve always seen myself a bit of a class clown but keen to stay professional and make sure everybody is having a great time. Noticing people who may need a confidence boost or some support is why NCS is important as It prepares young people for new challenges and brings them out of their comfort zone.

3 participants we’re hesitant on any activities involving heights on and it wasn’t about pushing them to do anything, it was about supporting them and giving them that confidence. Watching them take the leap, It’s great to see the adrenaline rush from introverted participants, they were ecstatic that they did.

“I would 100% come back and work for NCS again, it does not feel like work”

NCS Coordinator Erin Langham Said:  “Joe is very committed to his role and goes above and beyond to provide the best experience for these young people, stopping at nothing to succeed in our social action project”

To read about NCS and the opportunities they provide and to look at getting involved next year visit: https://ruct.co.uk/ncs/nation-citizen-service-ncs/

Or contact ncs@rotherhamunited.net | 01709 827 767