Secondary Schools

We work closely with secondary schools in Rotherham to support and engage young people who may have become disengaged from mainstream education. Our teaching staff work with staff in schools to determine why alternative provision is needed, and how we can tailor our activities to get to best out of each student.

Using our brand and the power of sport, we provide an alternative setting for young people to learn, aiming to provide them with the knowledge to gain the best grades possible and improve their future career prospects.

What we do

Within our Positive Pathways sessions we provide a variety of activities and workshops designed to develop positive attributes including resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem. Workshops and tutorials are delivered relating to mental health, and there are various opportunities to take part in sport and physical activity to improve physical health and fitness.

This programme also gives young people an opportunity to talk through their anxieties and fears with trained mentors in one-to-one sessions. We aim to help them find ways to overcome obstacles, as well as building their confidence and resilience.

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