Early Years

At the Trust we aim to get children off to the best start in life. There are many benefits of participating in physical activities for babies and toddlers, including strengthening bones and muscles, posture and flexibility, and maintaining a healthy weight.

The main focus is on fundamental movements and physical literacy to improve coordination, balance, flexibility and posture. Our sessions also provide opportunities for toddlers to socialise, use their creative side and explore new surroundings and equipment.

What we do

Our staff design and deliver physical activities based around fundamental movements and physical literacy for 18 months – 5 year olds.

Our Mini Millers sessions use football and games to help children learn about colours, numbers, following instructions, speaking and listening. Parents & guardians are invited along to assist and learn how physical activity can be beneficial to their child.

We also offer general provision to Nursery schools in Rotherham.

If you would like to find out more information, please contact us below

01709 827767