We know that physical activity habits formed during childhood are a key predictor of how active we’ll be as adults. Therefore, it is essential we work with children from an early age to provide them with opportunities to experience sport and physical activity in a positive way, setting them up for a longer, healthier life.

We are also keen to pass on our knowledge and experience to others through our CPD programmes, empowering teachers to inspire young people to be active through physical education.

Our schools programme has been developed to deliver high quality sessions in schools, as well as out-of-school opportunities for children to engage in extra activities. We provide schools with a comprehensive programme designed to complement and reinforce existing PE sessions based on developing physical literacy.

Through the motivational and inspirational power of sport, in particular football, we aim to help young people improve their academic ability, build self-esteem, encourage healthy lifestyles and ultimately enhance every pupils’ employability attributes.

We currently offer a number of programmes & courses in the form of:

Early Years

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

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