Education & Employability

Our education programme offers a number of high quality academic pathways designed to open avenues for further training and employment within the sports industry. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive curriculum, delivered by dedicated qualified teachers and support staff who work to nurture potential in students of all abilities and backgrounds.

Along with further and higher education, we host an effective training and employment programme, working with adults to enhance their confidence and improve their future prospects.

Being based at New York Stadium provides us with beneficial networks as well as a professional environment for students to work within. At the stadium we boast state of the art classrooms, the latest equipment and resources, and high class facilities both on and off site.

In addition to classroom learning, we provide our students with access to a range of work experience opportunities and stimulating enrichment through our variety of sports academies, including our football shadow academy.

We currently offer a number of programmes & courses in the form of:

Sports College

Higher Education



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